Municipal -  Project Experience

Havana Well Station*

Size: 6,000 sqft

Location: Spokane, WA

The Havana Well Station project included two separate buildings, each housing multiple large city water pumps. To ensure efficient cooling, we implemented economizer cooling through a draw-through outdoor air ventilation system. When demand exceeded the economizer's capacity, we designed a city water-cooled air handler for each building, ensuring optimal cooling performance. Our meticulous approach extended to safety considerations, particularly in the chlorine rooms. Here, we integrated standard exhaust systems, emergency exhaust mechanisms, indicator lights, and employed a corrosion-resistant design to safeguard against potentially hazardous conditions. This comprehensive project not only enhanced operational efficiency but also prioritized safety, creating a robust and reliable water supply infrastructure for Spokane. 

Chelan Public Works Building*

Size: 4,000 sqft

Location: Chelan, WA

Faced with the challenges of an exceedingly expensive bidding market and equipment shortages triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team crafted a cost-conscious solution that allowed the project to proceed despite adverse circumstances. While the project's scope may have cost more than initially desired, it demonstrated the community's determination to move forward, ensuring that vital public infrastructure continued to serve the people of Chelan efficiently and effectively. 

Municipal Work:

City of Spokane Valley Assessment, Spokane Valley, WA HVAC and Plumbing Assessment

Havana Well Station*, Spokane, WA HVAC Design

Chelan Public Works Building*, Chelan, WA HVAC Design

City of Spokane Lift Station Assessment*, Spokane, WA HVAC and Plumbing Assessment

Cheney Pump Station*, Cheney, WA HVAC Design

Grant Transit Authority Intermodal Facility*, Moses Lake, WA HVAC and Control Design

New Richland City Hall*, Richland, WA HVAC and Control Design

Benton County Administration Building*, Kennewick, WA HVAC and Control Design

Hermiston Library Remodel – Phase 1*, Hermiston, OR HVAC and Control Design

Hermiston City Hall*, Hermiston, OR HVAC and Control Design

Boardman Fire Station*, Boardman, OR HVAC and Control Design

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Warehouse* HVAC and Control Design

Deer Park City Hall Assessment*, Deer Park, WA HVAC Study & Survey

Othello Ambulance Facility*, Othello WA HVAC and Control Design

*Project completed under previous employment.