We are your local experts on the Washington State Clean Building Performance Standard (RCW 194-50). Providing expert assistance with compliance, energy benchmarking, and energy audits

Washington State has accepted legislature that requires existing buildings over 50,000 square feet to comply with new energy targets. The purpose in adopting this requirement is to encourage energy efficiency and performance for existing buildings in Washington. Energy System Engineers is here to help navigate these waters and provide solutions that consider economics, practicality, maintenance, and efficiency. Each building is unique and requires unique solutions. Contact Us for more information and services.

Early Adopter Incentive Program

Washington State offers an early adopters incentive program for up to $.85 per sqft of building area (excluding parking). Energy System Engineers is happy to help claim this money for building owners. 


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Compliance Deadlines and Violation Enforcement

220,001 SQFT and Larger - June 1 2026

90,001-220,000 SQFT - June 1 2027

50,000-90,000 SQFT  - June 1 2028

Click here for an estimator on Washington State Administered Penalties.

Paths to Compliance

More Information

Washington State Department of Commerce Clean Building Act Introduction