Religious -  Project Experience

Islamic Community Center

Size: 10,000 sqft

Location: West Richland, WA

The design for the Islamic Community of Tri Cities' building expansion was an exercise in precision and adaptability. In a fast-paced environment, we crafted a forward-thinking plan to accommodate a new social hall and classroom/education space. This ambitious project featured a high efficiency dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) and heat pumps, ensuring energy efficiency and climate comfort for all occupants. On the plumbing front, we sized and integrated a service kitchen and restrooms capable of serving the center's growing community. The result was a harmonious blend of modern amenities and functionality, designed to foster community gatherings, learning, and celebration within the Islamic Community of Tri Cities. This project is currently under construction.

Victory Faith Church

Size: 5,000 sqft 

Location: Sagle, ID

The design at Victory Faith Church centered on a pivotal expansion aimed at accommodating their burgeoning congregation and fostering a vibrant faith community. This endeavor involved close collaboration with the pastor and trade coordination which included those in the congregation. Addressing plumbing needs within the existing septic tank infrastructure was a key challenge, and the design team successfully navigated this complexity while also preparing designs for a future septic system to accommodate the church's long-term growth. This project exemplified the intersection of faith, expertise, and foresight, resulting in a space where congregants could continue their spiritual journey. 

This project is currently under construction.

Hayden Bible Church*

Size: 7,000 sqft

Location: Hayden, ID

The Hayden Bible Church project was a testament to architectural aesthetics. The team's approach hinged on implementing a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) heating and cooling system, chosen for its exceptional energy efficiency and climate control capabilities. To address ventilation needs while maintaining the existing building's aesthetics, we incorporated a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) seamlessly into the design. The expansion utilized mezzanines to house equipment discreetly, keeping mechanical systems concealed from view. This thoughtful integration allowed the church to modernize its HVAC infrastructure while upholding the cherished visual appeal of the original structure, resulting in a space where faith and comfort converge harmoniously. 

*Project completed under previous employment. 

St. Joseph Catholic Church*

Size: 7,000 sqft

Location: Otis Orchard, WA

The expansion project at St. Joseph Catholic Church exemplified a blend of affordability and thoughtful integration with the existing building. We crafted a budget-friendly design that seamlessly melded with the church's architectural charm. Our approach included the implementation of a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) heating and cooling system, chosen for its cost-efficiency and climate control capabilities. To address the challenge of cold outside air, an electric duct heater, adept at tempering frigid air, ensuring comfort year-round. This project showcased how modern technology can be harnessed to enrich the worship experience, providing the congregation with a welcoming and budget-conscious environment for their faith community. 

*Project completed under previous employment.